We provide information, technology and risk management services in six areas:

Operational and Information Risk services

Operation and information risk management are core First August services. Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Developing an operational risk policy and framework for a financial services market infrastructure.
  • Providing operational risk oversight services, including information risk, for a global investment bank.
  • Helping individual business units and functions operate within the bank’s operational risk management framework.
  • Advising executives on operational risk management good practices and measurement (including the development and testing of risk control assessments).
  • Aligning operational risk management practices with standards and regulations (including ISO31000 and Basel).
  • Conducting an information risk assessment for an SME.

“The UK‘s environment agency is key to raise risk awareness”

“Sometimes people need to be made aware of risks in order to take action”

“The UK‘s environment agency is key to raise risk awareness”

Prior to founding First August, Andrew helped a global bank to assess and prioritise its key information risks. One of the key challenges to overcome was managing the risks consistently as they spread across different departments. Andrew and his team developed an organisational structure that ‘joined up the dots’ and allowed the bank to manage their information risks in a more cohesive way.

First August’s operational and information risk services often draw on and integrate with skills in other specialist areas including IT and cyber security, business continuity, data management and technology risk.