We provide information, technology and risk management services in six areas:

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity (including disaster recovery) is a multi-faceted discipline and First August are actively engaged in strengthening the links between business continuity and security policies, incident management and operational risk. Most recently First August:

  • Reviewed existing business continuity plans and crisis management team structures at a financial services organisation to ensure close alignment with other incident management documentation.
  • Provided oversight over the development and testing of business continuity plans for a large investment bank.

Prior to the creation of First August Andrew led and delivered a variety of business continuity work including:

  • Transforming the business continuity plans and disaster recovery approach of an investment bank to reflect a significant change in its status and organisational structure.
  • Leading the consulting team that conducted the Financial Service Authorities (FSA) ‘Resilience Benchmarking’ project.

Business Continuity Management

“The new road bridge over the Hoover Dam reduces the single point of failure risk of the old Dam road”

Bridging Arizona and Nevada the Hoover dam was completed in 1936. The new bridge opened in 2010.

The FSA survey engaged over 50 of the UK’s largest banks and produced a discussion paper that has helped shape banks’ business continuity planning ever since.

First August have written several articles on business continuity including an assessment of the progress made by UK banks and financial services providers. ‘Business Continuity in the financial services sector – rising standards?’