Examples of our work

Strategic use of technology

First August were approached by a UK based Investment Manager to provide a strategic view on the effectiveness of the organisation’s IT function and the services it provided. Andrew led the work in conjunction with two associates (both former CIOs). The team gathered information through document review and interviews with senior business and IT staff. They then provided feedback to the IT director and his key stakeholders highlighting areas additional strategic work could provide benefit to the organisation. Since the initial work the team have returned every six months to provide further challenge or assistance in specific areas of IT management. As a result organisation has an external perspective on it management of IT and has adopted several of the suggestions made by the team.

Data Leakage Protection strategy

An international financial services market infrastructure organisation had adopted many information security controls but driven partly by its oversight regulator wanted to articulate those controls in the context of data leakage protection strategy. They also wanted the work to identify whether other activities or tools were required to ensure data leakage loss was managed in line with the organisation’s risk appetite. We adopted a pragmatic model that recognised the value of existing controls while at the same time highlighting the need for more formal data confidentiality classification and the additional security benefits that ‘content’ based tools could provide. The work provided a blueprint for a more strategic approach to data leakage protection.

These are just two examples of how we have helped clients. To find out more about other work we have performed or to speak to client referees please follow ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of this page.

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