Managing information, technology and risk through perception and focus

First August is an information, technology and risk management services company.

Prior to creating First August, we noticed that many companies were looking for teams of experienced specialists who could provide focused, co-ordinated and high quality information, technology and risk advice. Their requirements helped define the way in which First August now provide consulting services.

The key benefits:

  • We work with you to ensure that we deliver services specific to your business.
  • You can be confident that we have performed the detailed analysis required to support the insight and context we provide.
  • You get flexible solutions supported by people with deep expertise and many years of experience.

We think the way we deliver these benefits is a refreshing change in the consulting market.

First August was established by Andrew Beard, a former PwC director and a technology and risk specialist. Andrew also had previous experience working at companies including Merrill Lynch, Cable and Wireless and ESSO.

“The Tren a las Nubes, in Argentina, is one of the highest railways in the world”

“Great things can be achieved when risk is managed effectively”

“The Tren a las Nubes, in Argentina, is one of the highest railways in the world”

The breadth and depth of Andrew’s experience and personal networks allow First August to provide a range of distinct but related consulting services.

First August’s services are different from many organisations as we believe in tailoring what we do directly to the needs of our clients’ businesses.

We also like to personalise what we do. For example, Andrew is a keen photographer and all the photos in this website were taken by him. If you’re interested, hover over each photo for a little extra information.