Managing information, technology and risk through perception and focus

Andrew Beard

Andrew Beard

“I created First August to provide specialist, high quality but affordable information, technology and risk services”

I am responsible for all First August’s consulting services. I make sure that we, and our associates, deliver high quality work and services in every engagement.

Our services draw on my expertise and experience in areas including:  information security, operational risk, governance, IT strategy, business continuity, technology and data integrity. Key to the success of our services is the integration of risk into wider business and reporting frameworks.

Since creating First august in 2011 I have led and delivered engagements including:

  • ‘Critical friends’ services for the partners of a major UK investment management company
  • Security policy development and gap analysis for an FS Market Infrastructure
  • Operational risk oversight for a global bank.
  • Delivery of data leakage and protection and security automation strategies for a global FX market infrastructure strategy

As a director at PwC for over 10 years, I helped clients reduce information risks particularly those associated with information security and data integrity. My clients included Barclays Bank, Co-op Financial Services, SWIFT, Lehman Brothers in Administration, and CLS. Before joining PwC I worked at Merrill Lynch, Cable and Wireless, Standard Chartered Bank and ESSO.

I was the co-author of the Information Security Breaches Survey (ISBS) from 2004 to 2010 and have been a regular lecturer on Cybercrime for the Royal Holloway College’s MSc in Computer Security.

I became a CISA in 2000, and an ISO 27002 auditor in 2005. At PwC I attended courses on consultancy, auditing, team building and self-awareness, I also attended business courses and lectures at the London Business School. I have a degree in English Literature and ‘A’ levels including Economics. I gained a management perspectives and practices qualification from the Open University in 2014 which will form part of the MBA I am due to complete in 2016.